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Edumate Portal

The student/parent portal gives students and parents unprecedented access directly into the administration of the school to areas which have a significant impact on the quality of the teaching and learning experiences of our students.  The extent of access will be increased over time as the school progressively implements software to make more information available.  Under password protection, as a student or parent logs on to the system they will have access to the following: 

The Daily News Sheet which operates throughout the College which alerts students and staff to various opportunities and organisational details.  The programmed Assessment Tasks for each student for each of their courses for the year. 

The results for tasks will also be able to be viewed when such tasks have been marked and returned.  School policy is that Assessment Tasks are marked and results posted within two working weeks of the task being completed and submitted. 

The students current timetable, inclusive of details about the teachers allocated for classes and the events programmed for the week for that student.  For example if a student is on an excursion during the week, the excursion will be listed as will a student’s attendance at activities such as Mass or Prayer Services. 

A summary of awards and detentions given at the school as part of the Student Welfare System. 

The School Calendar as it is entered into the Edumate System. 

Attendance records for the student by period and by day.  Students or parents can choose to examine the record by day, by week or by year. 

Lesson summary plans for each lesson that a student has attended with a record of the homework that was set for the lesson in question. 

To visit the Edumate portal, click here.

If you would like to register for Edumate, please email Mr Thurston at

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