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Our Vincentian Traditions

The Vincentian Fathers and Brothers arrived from Ireland to take over St Charles Seminary and St Stanislaus' College in 1889, the College having been in operation since 1867. The first Vincentian President was Fr James Byrne CM, who was principally involved in the Seminary and who left the running of the College to the Vice President, Fr Patrick Dowling CM.  Since the time of Fr Byrne and Fr Dowling, Vincentians have played an integral role in the life of Stannies.  Generations of Old Boys have been inspired by the Vincentian Charism and identify its Vincentian character as one of the most precious attributes or features of the school.  One expression of the strength of the Vincentian ethos at Stannies is that more than 200 Old Boys have been ordained Catholic Priests since the school was founded.

Vincentians continued in the role of President and Headmaster until the commencement of 1993, when it was decided to separate the two roles. The current Head of College is Dr Anne Wenham and the current President is Fr Doug Akehurst CM. Fr Akehurst is an Old Boy of the school and a former staff member.  Previous to his appointment to Stannies as President, Fr Akehurst was involved for many years working in Fiji, mainly in seminary work.  Assisting Fr Akehurst as a fellow Vincentian working on College staff, is Fr Jim Maloney CM.  Fr Jim works as Chaplain.  Fr Jim is also an Old Boy and President of the College.

Another Vincentian who is currently part of the Bathurst Community but whose main apostolate centres on assisting parishes when priests are on leave include is Fr Anthony Mannix CM.  Brother Brendan Tanner CM who was a long serving staff member of Stannies, now lives in retirement as part of the Bathurst Community.

St Stanislaus’ derives great benefit from the active involvement of the College appointed Vincentians and from those in the Bathurst Community and in other Vincentian Communities who continue to be very interested in Stannies and who loyally support the College in its various endeavors.

A number of Vincentians also assist the school by being members of the Board of Directors.  Fr Akehurst is the Chair of the Board. The Very Reverend Fr Michael Walsh is the Provincial of the Australian Province of the Vincentian Fathers and also regularly attends Board Meetings.


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